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   I am very glad to hear that you have received the hermes replica bags sale at last. In your previous emails you have offered a refund or replacement. In your email dated 26/09/2011 you offered a 50% discount replacement. I replied by asking for Model: 21650 ĘC which is described as a fake hermes bags sale fully working. At 50% reduction the USD72 I have already paid you, plus postage for returning the faulty hermes replica bags sale you sent, covers the cost. If you are able to provide this I will accept it as a replacement to compensate for all the frustration my original purchase has caused me. You must check that it is a working automatic time piece and working. I will not accept any other replacement since this transaction with fake hermes bags sale has been one of the worst and most upsetting experiences I have ever suffered.

   Thanks for your email. please can you replace it with that bag, i think its the same price hope you will have it in stock .can you please inform me when its gonna be shipped?are you send both of them ? The fault is that I cant manually change the date; despite following your instuctions. If I adjust the time to advance the date, the date is not sitting correctly in the window and it can't be seen. To be fair the whole mechanism feels like it is grinding a little when I manually wind the bag to charge. As I've said I'm very impressed by the bag and if it can't be repaired i would happily accept an exchange for a similar bag.

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